Jacqui Callis

Taking part

Open Studios,

Krowji, Redruth, Cornwall

Working on

Bamboo on Bamboo

recording sound


Into Form (now on hold)

shown 21/22nd Oct ’23

The Crypt, Redruth details @ https://flamm.creativekernow.org.uk/

Into Form

Spiritual Conversations

work in progress


Collaborative films

Produced for the ‘Becoming the Ouroborus’ at Leeds University Fine Art Gallery, 2022
Digital video & processed Super 8 footage: Andy Wood
Performer: Sandrine Monin
Voice & Sound Design: Jacqui Callis
Edit: Andy Wood
Image above: Jacqui Callis

Harmonising with Nature

Singing Stream

Filmed in Cornwall

Visuals: Sllewyar

Sound Design: Jacqui Callis

Ft. Apex Arts participants

Costume: Nicola Phillips/ Tony Minnion

Music: Apex Arts & Jacqui Callis
Film: S J Blackmore
Film edit: S J Blackmore
Director: Jacqui Callis

Apex Arts/ Art of Living Creatively project with Plymouth and District Mind

Written and performed by The Robinson Bay Band

Ft. musicians: Eddie, Kyle, Stuart, Tony

Film and edit: S J Blackmore

Directors: Jacqui Callis & Tony Minnion

In Our Own Time / Inland Arts Festival

Ft Apex Arts participants

Sound: Apex Arts & Jacqui Callis

T Shirts and placards: Tony Minnion

Animation: S J Blackmore

Film and edit: S J Blackmore

Director: Jacqui Callis