Jacqui Callis

Into Form

An interdisciplinary contemporary art piece representing the journey from formlessness to form and back again

Into Form picture 1

The work comprises visual and
accompanying sound art.
The visual work features 7, mostly
textile, panels three of which lay
flat on the floor and 4 of which

pass through carved wooden
gateways. Candle-lit, the sound guides one along the journey and features a 3 minute
‘stop and drop’ meditation.

The first panel represents
formlessness and yet the pattern
of separation is already being
formed and the weave of cosmic
time begins….
Passing through the first
‘gateway’ the pattern of the
carved dualistic symbol is
integrated into the journey.

The second panel represents
vibration – a major component in
form (the world is sound nada
This panel features the soundwave
image of the ‘love’ audio heard in
the accompanying sound

Passing through the second
‘gateway’ the journey is
interpreted as linear – flowers
bloom and fade…
The final panel is ‘into form’ and
yet a connection to formlessness
It is this connection that allows
one a safe passage home –

… although get your ticket soon –
time’s running out …!!

“ wavelike … tranquil… stillness …
earthlike … space … ASMR feelings
… calming … an irresistible feeling
of it being ‘sacred ‘… a moment of
spiritual connection wthin an urban
space … very peaceful … grounding
… immersion in a different world …
a strong urge to physically walk
along the length of the work … the
meditation clarified the visual art ”