Jacqui Callis

Bamboo on Bamboo

Work in progress

Inspiration: being given a lovely long piece of fresh bamboo and some surplus bamboo eco canvas

Inspiration: drawing surreal shapes in granite and seeing them sewn onto the canvas with found second hand black waxed linen thread

Inspiration: rediscovering a bamboo structure holding my long tubular brass doorbell (hollow) tubes

Inspiration: being given a homemade bamboo flute made out of surplus bamboo

Bamboo is known for its strength, pliability and resilience. In Taoist philosophy, being characteristically hollow, bamboo is emblematic of Buddhist enlightenment – when the initiate has learned to embrace emptiness, they become a vessel for the universal spirit. Bamboo is considered by Buddhism and Taoism as one of the most important elements for meditation. Even Confucious, although has many different ideas to those of Taoism and Buddhism, takes bamboo as an example to illustrate the ideal attitude of people through life even under severe conditions. 

Yes!! – watch this hollow space oooooooo